EcoDistricts Summit: Where community leaders and urban sustainability innovators connect, collaborate, and co-create neighborhoods for all.

The Summit is the world’s only leadership event dedicated exclusively to neighborhood- and district-scale equitable and sustainable development. Each year, the Summit gathers leading city makers, policy makers, developers, designers, financiers, and community leaders from North America to collaborate, explore, and inspire the next generation of community development - with a focus on equity, resiliency, and climate action.

Now in it's eighth year, the Summit has earned a reputation as a uniquely powerful and highly participatory gathering. Together, we dig in and unpack our host city's urban redevelopment legacy, explore innovative projects, uncover important breakthroughs, and collectively develop an EcoDistricts roadmap for the region and beyond.

Centennial Park Atlanta, GA

Who Attends?


Since 2012, the EcoDistricts Summit has drawn a diverse, multi-sector audience of C-Suite executives spanning municipal government, architecture, design, engineering, urban planning, sustainable development, civic engagement, community and economic development, and infrastructure design. Attendees span a broad spectrum of project and district typologies representing the critical challenges facing city makers worldwide, including neighborhood revitalization, brownfield development, institutional campuses, commercial districts, and mixed-use projects in diverse geographies. 2016 Summit attendees came from 220 different organizations and 86 cities across 5 countries.


Every year the EcoDistricts Summit brings together thinkers and doers across civic, public and private sectors including:

  • 2016-summit-attendee-regionMunicipal leaders
  • Sustainability officers
  • Policymakers
  • Real estate developers
  • Community developers
  • Project financers
  • Designers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Civic leaders

What people are saying about the EcoDistricts Summit:


“The focus (at the 2016 Summit) on racial equity and justice was a highlight — it is a critically important subject matter and I was pleased to hear many of the speakers discuss the subject as a key component of successful urban development.”


"The level of excitement from attendees reminds me of the early green building conferences, when we all had a sense of coming of age."


“Loved the diversity of topics, speakers and experience. Loved the interaction of the studio sessions, and being intentionally drawn into the conversations.”