Sponsors and Partners

We couldn’t bring you the EcoDistricts Summit without the generous support of these innovative city makers and industry leaders. We thank our sponsors and partners for their efforts to bring urban regeneration and regenerative, resilient and socially equitable neighborhoods to everyone.



Public, private, and nonprofit leaders from across the country have already pledged their support for the 2017 EcoDistricts Summit in Atlanta. Our Summit purposefully showcases solutions, partners, and local heroes while immersing attendees into the neighborhoods and culture of our host city. This unique model allows us to create sponsorship packages that highlight your business and interests as integrated aspects of our conference and our showcased partners.

We hope that you join us by supporting the event as well. Learn more about sponsorship, exhibitor and advertising opportunities by downloading our full sponsorship prospectus or contacting us today.


Contact: Matt Baer | matt@ecodistricts.org | 503-405-9707 ext. 5


Thank You 2017 Sponsors!

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