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Diving into Denver's Unique Urban Sustainability Story + Highlighting our Summit Rockstars


From Atlanta to Amsterdam: 8 Neighborhoods that Are Getting it Right

August 18, 2016

By Katy Ricchiuto

Denver isn’t the only city getting love at the 2016 EcoDistricts Summit. Across our Summit sessions, we’re featuring narratives and case studies from neighborhoods across the globe. Below are our top 8 picks for the can’t-miss deep-dive global conversations of district-scale successes, barriers, and opportunities you can experience at the 2016 Summit. READ FULL STORY


5 Summit Experiences that We're Excited About

August 15, 2016

By Tiffany Meyer

Since our first Summit in 2011, we've been sure of one thing. We want our events to break the mold — from the venues we select, to the experiential programming we insist upon, to the diversity of our faculty at the podium, and the variety of perspectives from our attendees. Our 2016 Summit promises to exceed expectations with incredible venues, exceptional local food, unique outdoor networking experiences, hands-on experiential district tours and much more. READ FULL STORY


Art, Culture and Regen Converge in Denver’s RiNo and Five Points Neighborhoods

August 6, 2016

By Katy Ricchiuto

Walking through the RiNo (River North) neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, your attention will likely be drawn to the stunning murals coloring building after building. Like it’s neighbor the Five Points district — known for its frequent mentions in Jack Kerouac’s On The Road and a history of jazz — RiNo is in an active process of regeneration, and a deliberate blending of old and new to attract residents, artists and local business. Our RiNo/Five Points mobile tour at the upcoming EcoDistricts Summit on September 15 will be a step into the heart of Denver’s art and culture scene. READ FULL STORY

Cherry Creek Trail Denver CO

Infrastructure and Open Space Go Hand-in-Hand in Denver

August 4, 2016

By Katy Ricchiuto

The City of Denver is taking a holistic, open-space-preservation approach to its pedestrian and bike infrastructure planning. A nationally-recognized bike share program, well-connected bike lanes, and urban trails lined with parks are improving accessibility and connectivity for Denver’s diverse residents. READ FULL STORY

FC5DHF Union Station decorated with Christmas holiday lights, Denver, Colorado USA

History and Transit Innovation Meet at Denver’s Union Station

August 2, 2016

By Katy Ricchiuto

The reopening of Denver’s Union Station has catalyzed an economic and civic boom of the surrounding LoDo neighborhood, 14 city blocks between Wynkoop and Riverfront Park — previously a no-man’s land of abandoned rail yards — into a progressive urban center buzzing with offices, restaurants, stores, condos, hotels and entertainment. EcoDistricts Summit attendees can take a walk with Denver’s leading economic development and transit experts this September on a compelling mobile tour, gaining first-hand insight into the challenges and key learnings that led to this successful transformation. READ FULL STORY


Innovative Design Offers Roots + Community for Denver’s Most Vulnerable

August 1, 2016

By Katy Ricchiuto

The Mariposa and Sun Valley neighborhoods of Denver, Colorado are a before-and-after study of the potential that place-based sustainable design can have on the lives of a city’s most vulnerable. On September 15, EcoDistricts Summit attendees on our affordable housing mobile tour will dive into the partnerships, innovation and vision that helped the City of Denver and Denver Housing Authority achieve one of their highest resident retention rates in history. READ FULL STORY